Hai dan salam everyone !! 

I had told that sometimes suprises is anywhere rite?
Kelmarin, i got one suprise email from sis Nyomel that she 
pleasure to design me doily monogram, so here i
share with u, love it as simple as nice :D

the wording of  " raikan cheritera chenta " come from my 
mr.comot because its all about school lover journey . ngeh 2x :D
K & R of course mewakili our true name, sorry terpaksa
secret dulu atas sebab yang tak dapat dielakan, nexy year ye :D

My Wedding Theme Colour :D

Thank you so much sis Nyomel !!. Really appreciated it.
So anyone who like to know more please visit her blog.
Believe me, u will found wonderful idea, she also can
design for u as u wish :D

p/s : sis nyomel, keep our secret ha huahauahaua :D