Hi dearies, here are our lovely videos for our memory.
Feel free to watch and pray for our happines. thank you !

Video Majlis Nikah NoraKereL by Peveyhack

Solemnization Kerel & Nora from PEVEYHACK.COM on Vimeo.

Video Majlis Resepsi NoraKereL by CST Production

Reception Kerel& Nora from nora aira on Vimeo.

Video Slaid Motion KerelNora by CST Production

Cheritera Chenta Kerel & Nora from nora aira on Vimeo.

Video Pre - Wedding Part 2 KerelNora by Rfmediaworks

Video Pre Wedding Part 1 KerelNora by Rfmediaworks

Raikan Cheritera Chenta Nora Karel Part 1 from rfmediaworks on Vimeo.